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2011-05-21 14:07:35 by MyNameIsDeath

I m gonna get meself a new bass guitar amplifier, a kayak, a butterfly knife, and a new wallet! Yarr!


My new user icon

2011-01-11 13:46:26 by MyNameIsDeath

How's it?


2010-12-14 12:09:58 by MyNameIsDeath

Remind me never to talk of 'em.
I always get into a flame war cuz of me being an anarchist and an extreme anti-nazi (I think they should all be hanged).
I also can't talk about politics without swearing like a pig-man town drunk drug addict on steroids and LSD who is living the last moments of his life in a trash compactor, which I normally never do.

Robin Hobb kicks some serious ass

2010-11-12 13:07:17 by MyNameIsDeath

Just finished reading the Farseer triology.It is super uber awsum.I am actually left speechless by the sheer grandness of it.

Yeat anotha picha

2010-07-11 09:29:30 by MyNameIsDeath

Iss liek,sky.

Yeat anotha picha


2010-07-01 13:03:47 by MyNameIsDeath

I have a passport now!
The evil authorities now have proof of my existence, malicious lazy bastard that I am.
It has, like,shiny writing that sez RUSSIA the way it sez it on T-shirts, and a picture of a mutant eagle with two heads on it.
So now I'm officially SERIOUSLY RUSSIAN.

Damn law.

2010-06-04 08:10:33 by MyNameIsDeath

I'm 14 now, and by law I have to get my passport, but I need a hella shitload of documents 4 that, and I have no fucking time, and the buggers at the passort table will be all like,our passport man got to take a shit for 2 months so wait wait wait you dumb kid.

It goes, "When you order something on the internet, the guy who brings it is impawsibbly PHAT, looks like he could do with a bra, and speaks in a squeaky voice."

Song of Ice and Fire ftw.

2010-05-07 06:06:57 by MyNameIsDeath

It's cool, and so is G.R.R. Martin.

Song of Ice and Fire ftw.

I wanna kill my doctor.

2010-04-30 12:37:32 by MyNameIsDeath

I have some illness with a cough and a sore throat, and the damn woman ordered me some antibiotics that make me so sick I think i'll puke out my stomach, and have the taste of rotten elephant molars boiled in bullpiss. I think she employs a strategy known under the codename of "Hey kiddo, drink some tetrodotoxin, the disease will go away".